About Point Paper Art

Prior to the advent of computer aided design (CAD), drawings of woven textile pattern were translated by craftsmen onto special graph paper called point papers. These detailed drawings were then read by textile technicians, who cut the weaving instruction cards that were to be placed onto the looms.

To delight the curious, The Point Paper Art Company have selected designs from their archive collections to breathe new life into this now historical textile craft.

Printed Silk Scarves

High-quality scarves made from 100% silk. Packed with the history of the textile industry, perfect for everyday use as a head or neck scarf. Please contact Richard on 07715 002090 or by Email richardsmith7@btconnect.com

SS048 Green & Red Floral
90 x 90cm (w x l)

SS049 Multi Col Antique Floral
53 x 160cm (w x l)

SS050 Blue & Pink Antique Floral
53 x 160cm (w x l)

Original point paper VAN6244
Used for SS048


Original point paper VAN2969
used for SS049

Original point paper VAN3055
used for SS050

Public Direct Sale

Our silk scarves sell at £69.00.
Alternatively, they can be purchased individually in our Etsy shop.


Please contact us if you would like to purchase our silk scarves on a 
wholesale basis.

Contact Point Paper Art Company

With an extensive archive of original prints and designs dating back over 100 years, contact Richard today to find out more about our collection.

Richard M R Smith