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These technical point paper design details could enable Jacquard weavers today to reproduce this design on ‘their’ fabric. We currently have 47 prints available to buy as A3 wall art and 13 designs in our Life-Size range of wall art. Please scroll through this slideshow on your right or view the images below to see all designs available as wall art, that are available.

If you would like to see them in “real life” you can see them on display at the Cullingworth Antiques Mill

To purchase a print or to find out more about the history behind these pieces of Point Paper Art please contact Richard using the Get In Touch button below.

About Point Paper Art

Prior to the advent of computer aided design (CAD), drawings of woven textile pattern were translated by craftsmen onto special graph paper called point papers. These detailed drawings were then read by textile technicians, who cut the weaving instruction cards that were to be placed onto the looms.

To delight the curious, The Point Paper Art Company have selected designs from their archive collections to breathe new life into this now historical textile craft.

Wall Art

We have a selection of  artwork available to purchase.  Each print comes with a document explaining their origin and a brief description of their history. The prints are supplied unframed as standard. Framed prints are only available by special request for wholesale 

WA010 Tree of Life
est 1924-36 East Germany

WA045 Bamboo
1984 Bradford, UK

WA041 Red Green Thistles
est 1924-36 East Germany

WA048 O. Goethale Posies
1914 Roubaix, France

WA049 Multi Colour Antique Floral
1907 Roubaix, France

WA050 Blue Pink Antique Floral
1897 Roubaix, France

WA063 O. Goethale Trees
1914 Roubaix, France

WA064 Spring Abundance
1904 Tourcoing, France

WA061 Coral
1949 Bradford, UK

WA053 Lozenge
1973 Bradford, UK

WA017 Forest
1909 Cysoing, France

WA054 Deco Star
1968 Bradford, UK

WA060 Lily of the Valley
1949 Bradford, UK

WA055 Sea Kelp
1953 Bradford, UK

WA058 Geo Tile
1982 Bradford, UK

WA059 Mitre
1953 Bradford, UK

WA052 Swinging 60’s
1967 Bradford, UK

WA057 Geo Mosaic
1982 Bradford, UK

WA085 English Meadows
 Est 1926-35 East Germany

WA012 Multi Col Floral
est 1924-36 East Germany

LS080 French Blue Floral
1939 Cysoing, France

WA056 Geo Villa
1982 Bradford, UK

LS081 Crewel
1910 Alsace, France

LS083 Tulum
1910 Alsace, France

LS090 Chinon 529
Est 1980 Ghent, Belgium & Cysoing. France

LS089 Botanical Twin
Est 1926-35 East Germany

LS085 English Meadows
Est 1926-35 East Germany

LS079 Floral Laura
Est 1926-35 East Germany

LS086 Shield and Bow Tie
1966 Bradford, UK

LS091 Guards with Blue Dots
1972 Ghent, Belgium & Cysoing, France

LS077 Web Mesh
1952 Blackburn, UK

LS084 Bullseye
1966 Bradford, UK

Public Direct Sale

Our A3 artwork is supplied unframed at £25.00 each plus P+P
Alternatively, they can be purchased in our Etsy shop.


For wholesale we supply the artwork as A3 unframed but we can supply framed versions for display purposes.

Frame options are Black-smooth, Black stain woodgrain, Dark oak stain woodgrain on ash, Medium oak stain woodgrain on ash or Light Ash

Please contact us if you would like to purchase unframed and framed versions on a
wholesale basis.

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With an extensive archive of original prints and designs dating back over 100 years, contact Richard today to find out more about our collection.

Richard M R Smith