2019 has seen some exciting additions to the services offered by Richard Mr Smith Textile Services including additions to the Mills we now work with and a change in the way we promote  our extensive Archive.

Our Mills

We are pleased to announce that we are now working with 2 new mills and can offer access to even more luxury fabric ideal for the furnishing industry.

Crevin Based in Barcelona, Spain is a 3rd generation family run mill weaving durable textured plain fabrics suitable for indoor and outdoor end use in a wide range of styles and colourways. Sold cut length or by the piece.

Mallalieus Richard assists this Lancashire UK wool weaving specialist in new furnishing markets. Customers can develop their own ideas using the Mills wide variety of yarns.

Details of all the mills we work with can be seen on the Our Mills web page.

Our Archives

Richard’s family have been involved with weaving fabrics since the 1920s, with Richard joining and then running the family weaving company E & S Smith Ltd in 1984.
Over the past 35 years Richard has collected together an extensive archive of Jacquard and Dobby designs along with their technical data, from both E & S Smith Ltd and a number of historical mills, with designs dating back from the 1880s to the 1980s.
He now offers access to these uniquely historical records to editors, fashion and home interior designers as well as fabric and wall covering manufacturers to take inspiration from or undertake the recreation of designs not seen for many years.

Further details of the Archives available can be seen on the Our Archives web page.

Richard M R Smith