Richard’s family have been involved with weaving fabrics since the 1920s, with Richard joining and then running the family weaving company E & S Smith Ltd in 1984.


Over the past 35 years Richard has collected together an extensive archive of Jacquard and Dobby designs along with their technical data, from both E & S Smith Ltd and a number of historical mills, with designs dating back from the 1880s to the 1980s.

He now offers access to these uniquely historical records to editors, fashion and home interior designers as well as fabric and wall covering manufacturers to take inspiration from or undertake the recreation of designs not seen for many years.


Below is just a small introduction of the Archive

Tie, Dress, Apparel and Bridal Books Collection.

1880s to 1920s

Artwork and Point Papers from weaving Mill Bergerot & Cie, France

1889 to 1936

Fabric Log Books. Furnishing Jacquard designs woven by Brown Vickers, Bradford.


Marcel Blanc Collection, Koenig Archive

1898 to 1901

Textile Art produced for weavers in Northern England

1950 to 1970

Art, Point Papers and Textiles Wm Birtwistle, Great Harwood, Lancashire

1954 to 1962

Wm Rigg, Bradford. Public design company servicing industry with art and jacquard cards.

1930 to 1980

Artwork, Designs and Fabric samples. E & S Smith

1920s to 2000s

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If you would like to know more about the archives available or would like to understand the costs in obtaining access to the archive material then don’t hesitate to contact Richard.

Richard also offers a Design Service that provides the opportunity for any textile business to source, develop and manufacture a truly unique signature. 

Richard M R Smith